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2012-02-20 20:35:37 (UTC)

Bored in this new city

Since living with my friend for a couple of months, I managed to save 3,460. This City is not far from where I just moved out from but it's boring as hell here. We are in the not-so-good neighborhood. I don't walk around here during the day and the shops here are ok but no mall like at that other place.

I'm in a room now so there isn't as much freedom as when I rented a home. No more 4 bedroom 2 bath. No get together at home. No kiddos too. I don't mind all this but I'm just bored as heck. Nothing exciting happening and forget the sex. I think I have permanent blue balls. lol.

I guess this what happens when you fuck up a relationship and end up being by yourself. You sort of just get put to the side and wait to die.

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