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2012-02-20 17:59:54 (UTC)

Loan to my good friends

My friends were in a bind. They needed to come up with 1500 bucks for a retainer. They have a young son that is fighting for child custody and they are pretty down on their luck. So I loaned them 1500 for a short term loan. They indicated they have money coming soon but not soon enough. I'll loan it to them for two weeks. It's a lot of money but they are good friends so I had to do this. If they don't or can't pay me back, I'll live. Hopefully they pay me back though. For years, they didn't really handle their money well.

Now they don't have anything except their vehicles. No home, property or anything. In fact,that is how they'll be paying me back. They got into an accident and the money they'll be getting back is what they'll be paying me with. They said the vehicles are drivable so they plan on paying me back with the insurance money and leave the vehicles as is.

Hope it helps my friends out and it turns out well for them.

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