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2012-02-20 17:50:52 (UTC)


I thinking about leaving my group I hang with. They've become very good friends but it's a single parents group. I've not seen the kiddos in awhile and it's starting to get old going on my own. The old timers there know me and they're ok with me going by myself. I've been going to events where it's just adult's night out. I just feel uncomfortable going by myself the more I go out with the group. I think maybe it's time to leave.

Dart league is starting up again and I already have a team setup. So maybe I can go back to playing darts again and part ways with the single parent's group. I spoke to a single parent last night and told her about it. She comes and goes too. She just told me to be careful because it can get lonely at times. Yeah, I know how that feels. So I better think long and hard about this. I already reserved my spot for camping this June so I'm not sure if I'm going now. What a waste though, I already paid for it.