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2012-02-20 04:49:33 (UTC)

My Feelings .

This might be a REALLY long intry . This will be EVERYTHING on my mind at the moment so prepare yourself .

I ..CANNNOT ...TAKE IT ! im am OVER IT ALL ! fake bitches, idiotical people, stupid people, EVERYONE ! what the HELL did i ever do to you ? NOTHING ! so why do u effin hate me ? i like really ddont understand . jade is the only person who understands . no one believes me about what a bitch McKenzie is . NO ONE except my mom, sad, and Jade . :/ I WANT TO EXPLODE ! the next effin person who pisses me off, imma go off ! i cant even talk about this without crying !!!!!!! i seriously have NO CLUE why people hate me ! I WAS NOTHING BUT NICE TO YOU BITCHES ! I DONT CRY IN FRONT OF PEOPLE ..and now i have twice . at first i wasl like: okay cool, yall are just bitches . now, im like: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED !!!!!!! i lost EVERYBODY close to me: Aidan, Abby, believe it ro not, McKenzie, Dolan, Zach, Austin, Mia, Darcie, Max, EVERYONE !!!!! i have NO CLUE WHY ! like WTF !?!? ...SOMEONE tell me what i did . why am i getting all this karma i dont even deserve . they say God wouldnt put you though anything you cant handle but I CANT HANDLE THIS ! its bullshit . like people are purposely trynna screw with my head and make me go INSANE !!!!! like, this isnt even half of it ! im crazy ! im sooooo STRESSED: school, volleyball, cheer, homework, stupid people i gotta worry about, my parents, getting ready for high school . I NEVER EVEN GET TWO MINUTES TO MYSELF . thats why this is being written and midnight . and i thought i poured my feelings to Aidan . HELL NO ! this is 10x longer than what i told him . i cant wait to get outta my effin crazy school, make some actual friends . omg I NEED SUMMER ! and spring break . omg.. i cant take it . I DONT FREAKING GET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! im DILLUSIONAL ! like... im a crazy bitch who needs to get her head on straight . what am i missing !? i had a good effing life....WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ALL THAT !!!??? help me . someone, anyone, please ! :( do you see how many problems i have !?