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2012-02-18 17:47:43 (UTC)

Kagerou, new DFv, CPS, fantasystrike...

Reread some of Kagerou, it was nice. Sadly not that many new pages in the year or so that I hadn't read it.

New Df version sounds cool but I'm not sure if I'll actually get around to playing it.

Apparently I have something like Background Noise Problem or Cocktail Party Syndrome (CPS)(although the latter can also mean talking like some retarded people do)

Fantasystrike website officially launche-s/-d today, that's cool, maybe I'll actually start playing yomi or something.

Tribes: Ascend is pretty fun, made my brother install it on his comp.

For some reason I've been thinking about playing FFTA2:GotR a lot.

Also I don't think I like supernatural that much based on the first 10 episodes maybe I'll watch season 6 to see if it gets more interesting later on.

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