You-had me at-hello *
2012-02-18 02:38:07 (UTC)


Like-- Reading, Al, My Alg II teacher, water, my family, chasing cars, hot summer days, penguins, sleeping in, cinnamon rolls, Ellen Hopkins, boring days with the boyfriend, colorful pens, sweatpants, Happy Feet [Happy Feet 2 <--must see], My dog Sam, early outs, running by myself, friends who are always there, my phone, jack johnson, stormy weather & a good movie/book, cuddling, Christmas time, Bob&Brenda, cereal,..

Not so Much-- Drama, my self-consciousness, annoying teachers, ditto to students, financial lit, soda pop, competitive basketball, cabbage, leggings w/ shirts, Mondays, sour krawt<--(spelling?), 6:30 a.m., when people put stuff in mac n cheese, analogy worksheets, slutty teenagers, McDonald's burgers, zucchini: yuck!, book-talks, current science class, talk radio,..