Sisters Slave
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2012-02-17 20:03:40 (UTC)

To bed with my little sisters

Well if you read the last one then you will understand this one.
If not go back and read it.

Mom told me and little sister not to bother getting dressed. Just to go on to bed.
My older sister made sure we would not have the chance by grabbing up our clothes .
My younger sister slowly slipped out of my lap. My limp cock made a sucking sound as it slid out of her very wet and tight cunt.
She stood up and then reached out to me to stead herself. I could see she was ditsy.
I stood up and then picked her up. (yea what a gent)She felt light as a feather to me.
As we got to their room she was nuzzling my neck.
I headed to her bed and started to put her down when she said " No mike your bed please."
I looked over at my oldest sister, she just grinned and lead the way to my room.
The problem was toting her against me and the sight of my oldest sister in her nightie was having an effect I really didn't wont.
Yea I was getting a hard on again.
God what have I gotten into.
My oldest sister pulled back the cover on my bed. I gently as possible laid her down.
She then scooted over to the other side and curled up falling fast asleep.
Just as I watched her fall asleep I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I turned around and there was my oldest sister her nightie on the floor around her feet.
She leaned in and kissed me pulling to her hot sexier body.
My mind was racing, I had just fucked my youngest sister and now my oldest wonted me too?
Her hands ran over my back. I flinched ever time she ran over the claw marks my younger sister had put into my back.
I felt my cock growing harder as it rubbed her nude body.
Her hands on my hips pulling me tight against her.
Slowly she slid down my body teasing my nipples with her lips and working down till she was kneeling at my cock.
Her hand was stroking it slowly and looking at the head of it.
Slowly licking it from tip to balls . Her tong felt like silk as it covered ever inch of my cock.
Grabbing the foot board of my bed before my legs gave out from all the wonderful feelings she was giving me.
"You and her taste so good.I bet mom would love to be here sucking on you right now."
I groaned as I felt the passion in my tired body scream into high gear.
As my ball drew up ready to give another load of baby batter up. I knew that she was not going to wast what could be my last climax of the night.
She then slowly pulled me down to the hard cold wood floor of my room.
"Ether you give me what I wont or like sis I will just take it."
I felt light headed as she rolled me over on my back. The cold floor felt wonderful on my back. I knew that there was going to be no stopping her so I decided to let her do all the work.
She grinned at me as her cunt started rubing up and down my hard cock.
I tried to stop her.
"Sis, you know it's going to hurt like hell. You saw what happen to little sis. You know what is probable going to happen to both of you . I will knock you up on the first try. Are you sure that you wont to do this?"
Leaning down her full lush lips kissed mine.
"Yes Mike,I'm just like little sis,I have wonted you in me ever sense you went down on me. Who do you think started all of this tonight? Yea, me, I just didn't figure on her going all the way with the game. I though mom would stop us when she slid you shorts down to suck you off. "
Her cunt slowly working up and down me. I could feel it starting to get wet.
" How was I to know mom would not stop her? She got mom so horny sucking you that I knew mom would play the game. That's why I slipped her bottoms down and finger her. I knew mom was watching us. I knew that when I showed you her pussy you would get off and that would be it. I didn't expect her to have a climax as you fed her your baby batter.
God watching you cock as it pumped your juice into her I was so wet I could feel my own climax building. Yea we all got off to a degree.
Even mom was fingering her own pussy as she sucked your cock. She really surprised me at how quickly she got into it.
When she dropped your shorts on the floor and turned around facing you I just knew mom was going to stop it.
Then mom waked over and played the ultimate card. I knew what was going to happen the moment she sat down beside you two.
The moment she stroked your cock and started talking I saw she was working her up to the biggest dare yet. I just didn't think she would go all the way with you. I knew I would empty you into me in a hart beat.
But she not only sucked you dry she made mom feel you pumping into her.
I got off so hard when I saw you pumping into her."
Just then I felt her slide up and reach between us. The heat from her body was driving me nuts.
Her hand guided my now throbbing cock into her tight pussy. Unlike little sis she worked me into her slowly. Her hands griping my shoulders then pulling me up to her hard pointed breasts.
"Suck them suck them hard chew them." She pleaded with me.
My mouth went to them like a hungry baby. Sucking and chewing on the hard nipple. My arms around her waist Feeling her legs slid around my waist and lock behind me.
Slowly working up and down I felt my cock easing into her. It drove me mad thinking she was going to bring me to the edge of cumming off and then quit.
My hands slid up and down her back feeling the sweat starting to build on it. Looking up at her face I could see the pain she was feeling.
I released my hold on her left nipple.
"you sure about this?"
Through clenched teeth .
Her hips kept up a slow rocking motion. The I felt her hands on my back. Her finger nails digging into my already sore back. Then Her hands slid to my shoulders and she grunted as the last of my cock slid into her. I felt her cheery tare and her hands slid down my back cutting new rows of raw skin in my back. She screamed and settled tight against me like little sister did. Her breath coming in fast gulps as the pain in my back causing me to scream.
She looked down at me with a evil grin.
I felt her hands going back to my shoulder.
Looking up at her pleading with my eyes for her not to claw me again.
Slowly she slid back and her hands clawed my back again.
This time she covered my lips with hers as we both screamed into each others mouths.
She repeated this process several more times. Then slowly she started to speed up.
Her hands forced my mouth back on to her hard nipples and I sucked away as my hands roamed over her back and ass.
Soon we both were humping back and forth I could feel her body starting to tighten as her climax build.
She started to kiss my neck and nip on my shoulders as she pounded my cock harder.
My nuts drew up as I was getting ready to cum whether she was ready or not. Then just like little sister she arched back and her cunt sucked on my cock like a super vacuum cleaner.
I exploded inside her filling her young small cunt to the point of it dripping back out between us. As wet sucking sound as she pumped on my cock getting ever last drop out of me. her voice high pitched as she screamed. I could hear and feel ever bone in her body popping.
Grabbing my hand sliding it tight against her body I could feel my cock as it shot the last of my cum into her waiting body.
I laid back and looked at her now covered in sweat then looking down at my cock still inside of her pussy. Our cum dripping out around it in thick white sauce.
Slowly she slide off of me then grabbed my head and force me to eat her dripping cunt until she had another huge climax.
Then she pulled me up her body and kissed me.
" Time for us to get into your bed mike , maybe get some sleep before school in the morning."
I slowly got up. My back burning with the scratches from both of my sisters.
I helped her get up . She was very slow in moving I could tell she was still in pain.
Her hand shaking ,voice low
"You in the middle!"
I crawled in trying not to wake up my little sister. When I heard a gasp. Looking back at my big sister.
Her eyes were on my back.
"your back looks like you got whipped with a riding crop."
I eased onto my side and patted the bed behind me. Feeling her slide onto my bed I drifted off to sleep.