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2012-02-15 23:36:12 (UTC)

Do You ?

do you ever feel in a room FULL of people ?
do you feel like no one ever listens to you ?
do you feel hated ?
do you cry everyday ?
do you feel like no one will ever understand you ?
do you even have anyone you can talk to about it all ?

I feel like this everyday ^ ..i really cant handle it anymore . Aidan and I fight every other day . I can be in a room, spuished in between two people and id be the lonliest person in the world . I cry EVERY DAY ! im hated . NO ONE understands or will listen to my side of things .

People judge me and im over it ! walk a day in my shoes . please do, maybe then youll get it !! just writing this is making me cry .

i have NO ONE ! Aidan told me i could go to him for anything . I did, he asked for my advice too . I vented my thoughts about McKenzie and he yelled at me . So much for your help dude !

at this point im so used to being alone and made fun of, i dont feel it anymore . Cool story bro . like, i care ? just shows how big your ego is .

i guess ill go . you prolly dont care either . so bye.