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2012-02-14 18:16:55 (UTC)

My Jungle - wrote this in Nov 2011

My Jungle

The flowers are all bright and blossoming, everywhere is beautiful. So many colours everywhere I look, all bright and fresh. I rest on the grass, so clean I could chew it. The smell makes me drift into yet another wonderful dream. A ripe apple drops on my head, I wipe it with the bottom of my shirt and chew on it, it taste so sweet as the juice flows through my stomach. I am woken by the sound of a wild animal. I can hear it roaring but cannot see it. I move around hiding behind the hedges as I look for what may be a beast. It is no where to be seen but I can see the havoc it leaves behind. My beautiful plants and trees no longer blossoming all uprooted out with no life in them. What kind of animal is this? I search and search but cannot find it. Is it a beast or a coward, I think the latter. It is destroying my jungle, there is no more peace. The rain has stopped and the soil is hard, cracking under the blazing sun. My beautiful trees and plants are all a distant memory. The grasses are replaced by hard soil and this animal comes under the cloud of darkness to destroy and kill. I now realise I am in a battle. This animal will kill me if I don’t fight. Do I want to fight? Is my jungle worth fighting for? I am overwhelmed and unprepared I buckle under the pressure as I don’t know what this is. I assumed it was a beast? Is it or just the weather changing for the worse? So it may just be Mother Nature destroying me. I sit against my apple tree, no fruits, and no leaves just a rotting stem cracking under my weight. It will fall soon I thought, it didn’t matter as everything around me was falling anyway. A piece of a rotting branch falls on me, I chew on it….never tasted anything so bitter but I continue to eat it as bitter is all I now know. This ‘thing’ what ever is it is snatching my jungle away from me. I walk for miles in search of water….I water the plants, the soils doesn’t respond the plants and animals show no life as they continue to fall off and die. I walk aimlessly not going anywhere but somewhere as I am nothing without my jungle. I eventually find a small piece of land, it is not mine but I am welcomed. I learn again how to cultivate a land, how to grow trees and how to nurture fruits. I learn again how my jungle can be beautiful even though the weather is poor. The rain will come back I am told and my jungle will once again show its beauty. It never went away I am told it was just the weather. There was a beast I learn, it leaves its own jungle to scavenge but I should not fight it, instead I should prepare for the raining season as it will come soon. I feel better and go back to my jungle….I set up my tent and lay for the night. The land is still hard but the wind is getting cooler so may be the rain is not too far away. I follow the tracks of the beast on my jungle I see unpleasant things. It has definitely been on my land but I don’t know what damage it did. Sometimes I just want to wait up at night for it and fight it until I kill it but is this was my jungle needs? Do the plants and trees need the blood of the beast to grow back again? Will the sweet smell of my grass return if I smear it with the blood of the beast? I am still disturbed what does this beast do when it comes? I go back again to my foreign learn. I need more education on how the jungle works. For forty days and night I live on this foreign land listening and learning. I grow shrubs, I plant trees, I feed animals and I learn how to laugh again. I carry water and food with me as I head back. While away did the beast come back? I start to build a fence around my jungle to keep the beast away. I start to grow new plants and practise the new skills I have learnt. I felt the small drop of rain the other day and I knew the rain was heading towards my jungle. Even though the full force of the rain is still not her but it is no longer too hot and the climate is definitely changing as green shoots are beginning to appear through the cracked soil.