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2012-02-14 17:41:08 (UTC)

Dont want to fight

Hate feeling in conflict…don’t want to fight any m.want to love my wife…I don’t have to convince myself of what I can do…I can do a lot but what is important is to do the right thing…the right thing by God….talking about God I am so far away from him…the farthest I have been…my live is so ungodly right now….I generally feel sad….want to just rest in the bosom of my wife…but don’t want to sop to her she will take me for granted so have to put a bit of ‘swagger’ in my attitude 

Finance is going to make or break our relationship…she want to see all my statement for the last 2 yrs so she can do her reconciliation….but love you lost all that privilege when you started hiding your phone from me….but I don’t want to fight…so going to meet a mate today for some good advise.