The Real Me
2012-02-14 16:09:12 (UTC)

Valentines Day

Screw vday who needs it =( urgh. I feel so shit. I think I actually hate this day. I dont know why it means so much to me, its just a stupid day that makes no sense...i mean even the histroy behind it is shit why do I get so sad when I dont get much?...I bought M a card perfume and frame of us...he got me a card. which i walked in on him writing. Nothing planned apart from the night before which he askd if i wanted to gocinmea. Its just so unromantic. I mean cant he for once woo me or suprise me? im trying so hard to be understanding but im just so PISD OF. And i didnt get rude to him or anything it just makes it worse when other people have soooo much planned but me.