Queer Focus
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2001-10-10 04:11:22 (UTC)

One, Singular Sensation

It's official!!!! I am moving in with Lex and Chance...the
question now is when. I am so fed up with the way Jordan
has been acting, especially of late. We made up after all
the diary reading fiasco and everything was on it's way
back to normalcy. Then all of a sudden, he wants to show
his ass once again, and I am not gonna put up with it. I
feel like I am at constant war with him, and as God as my
witness, if it comes to it, HE will be the loser. I have
definitely made up my mind about moving; I have already
started looking for a job, and I have found a part-time job
that pays $10 an hour (20 hrs a week) and also a part-time
bar-tending job that pays minimum wage, but hellacious
tips. Sounds all good to me!! Jordan told me the other
night that if I have a job before I move down here, that he
would come with, but I don't want him to. I think that we
just need space apart for a while. I am not saying that I
do not EVER want him to move with me, but I just want the
distance and space between us for a couple of months to
regroup and reevaluate what I want out of life, other than
just Jordan, Jordan, Jordan ALL the time. I had a pretty
productive life before I met Jordan, but since we have been
together, I have totally cut everything that I cared about,
completely off. And now I want to rediscover who I am
again, so that when we are together (physically) that I can
still partake in what I love, AND I can share with him what
I am about...goals, dreams, aspirations, needs, wants and

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