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2012-02-12 02:33:46 (UTC)

Talking About Shit No One Cares About

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well I decided to delete my old entries and make my diary public again. I was swiching to and put all my old entries there but I like how you can read other people's diarys and stuff on this website. & I like the dark colors on this website for some reason. So I guess I'll be using this website and as well.

So for anyone who even reads this, (I like to pretend at least someone does)
I'd like to start off by saying... my name is not really Thalia but I wish it was. I'm going to name my future daughter that one day. Anyway... I'm 16. A sophomore in high school. I'm the shy type. I try to stay positive about most things. I don't know what else to say....

Hey, random thing I just thought about...
I remember in 7th & 8th grade one of my friends and I would email each other everyday about our day and crushes and whatever else. That's how we would keep in touch since she didn't have a cell phone and we didn't see much of each other since we didn't have any classes together.

Anyway the point is, is that I miss that! And I've read some of those old emails again and they make me smile and laugh at the stupid way I'd spell things like "cuz" or "wat" and the way I thought about things at the time. Even though those old emails are now piled with a ton of spam, they're still there and every once and a while I like reading my memories.
I miss writing to someone I can relate to and share my thoughts with. (yeah I have friends but its not the same.) So I feel that by making my diary public, there might be a chance someone reads this, relate to me and respond about certain things. :)

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