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2012-02-12 17:29:05 (UTC)

Dating Adventures- 'The Electrician'

So, I've decided that I should start keeping a journal of all the dates I've been on Since October 2011 to February 11, 2012 - that's all 10 of them!

carl - 'the lawyer' (October - I rejected him)
daniel - 'danny's friend' (October - we're not on speaking-terms)

chris- 'the Irish DJ' (December - never heard back)
stephen - 'advertising' (December - never heard back)

adam- 'the hockey player' (January - I work with the poor bastard)
francesco - 'the writer' (January - we still talk once in awhile)
rob- 'the army guy' (January - I rejected him)

justin- 'the future doctor' (January - never heard back)
Josh - 'the paramedic' (January - still kind of talking?)

antonio - 'the Italian electrician' (February - still talking...)

... I think that's all.

I'm not sure if men give nicknames to the women they're talking to, but my girlfriends and I do. It helps us narrow in on the individuals' 411 instead of just giving their real name and having to do a quick summary of the guy. Who has time for that!

As I sit here trying to figure out how I'm going to write this and what I want to reveal (which is everything), I'm starring at this list and thinking to myself, "I may come across as a hoe to all my online diary readers!" and also, "I know I'm missing someone...?" Which in fact, I did missed 2 guys! But in actuality, I am not a hoe - I am far from it. Of all the dates I've been on, only one kissed me and it was fucking awkward. I won't say who it was just yet... I need to add suspense somewhere!

Well, here goes... the most recent date (yesterday)

February 11, 2012.

"The Italian Electrician"

I met this guy online, the infamous POF. Initially when we started talking I did not like the way he typed, mainly because he typed the same way he spoke, "I just gotta knooowww hun". I knew right off the bat he talked like Mike 'The Situation' from Jersey Shore - like a typical Italian jersey-shore kind of guy. But he made me laugh and hey, us Italians "gotta stick tagetha!"

We quickly exchanged e-mails because I wanted to delete my POF account as fast as I could. I should also note, I was on that site for about a week and a few days. We e-mailed each other back and forth, when I, for some comedical reason wrote 'bro'. Haha, I called this guy 'bro' and I did not get the feedback I thought I would get, instead he asked me why I called him 'bro'. Also, in the same e-mail, since he said he was an electrician, I asked if he ever got shocked and if he ever scared like a girl because of it. I also attached a youtube clip of a guy who's friend scared him, causing him to jump and yell out a loud high pitched scream (youtube clip to follow).

Well, you guessed it. He never responded back.

I guess guys do not like being called 'bro' if they see you as a potential date, or maybe that makes them feel that they are immediately placed in the 'friend zone'. After not hearing from 'The Electrician' for about 2-3 days, I asked my girlfriend if I should e-mail him back to ask him what happened. I wanted to know what I did wrong so I can change it (maybe). My girlfriend's response, "girl, don't do it! You can't do the chasing, just leave it alone". I ignored her - my feminism-side kicked in, "how can you tell me not to chase a guy! Guys cannot do all the chasing, sometimes I need to tie my laces and walk a bit". So I did. In my email I wrote, "Hey, I haven't heard from you and I don't know what happened. Well, good luck in finding whatever it is you're looking for". I got a response a day later.

Basically, I did throw the guy off (Hahaha!) and he thought that maybe I was someone he knew and that I was playing a prank on him, or that I want another 'psycho chick' from POF. I completely understood where he was coming from, but I still won't change the fact that I called him a 'bro' and asked if he screams like a girl whenever he gets shocked. Also, in his email he asked me, "if you're serious about this, give me your number". Which I did.

After a few days of texting and long conversations on the phone, we met up.

I wore my heels this time (you'll see why I did that in future 'Dating Adventure' entries) and he was about my height, which I do not really like. We ate at this place near my house and we chatted for about 4 hours. I got to know more about him than he did about me. I left the date thinking that this guy has been through so much loss, he learned so much about the value of family and this guy has so much love to give.

When I got home, I spoke to my girlfriend and she asked, "Well, what did you think? Is he a potential boyfriend?" I told her that I didn't feel anything and his italian-jersey shore accent is annoying.

I should also add that I met another guy from POF, I call him 'Cambridge' and with this guy, I actually felt something with him. When we decided to stop talking to one another because we lived too far from each other (1 hour drive) I was going through feelings as though I was getting dumped. I did not want to stop talking to him! I wanted to do whatever I could to keep it going. When we kept emailing each other back saying our long good-byes, he played with the idea of being facebook friends. I agreed- with a huge smile on my face.

When I told my girlfriend about this, she told me to stop being so stupid and just go with Cambridge. If this is something we both want (Cambridge and I) then distance won't matter. And, since I'm planning to move out on my own soon, we'll be able to spend weekends together.

It's nice to entertain the idea of moving out and having the man who makes me feel butterflies in my stomach sleep over on weekends, but how realistic is this? I still haven't met the guy in person yet. The past two nights I've been thinking of just cutting all ties with Cambridge. What's the point? I'm going back to school in September to do a specialization, and not only that, but my parents won't let me sleep over a boyfriends house. And lastly, I'm too afraid to drive on the highway.

Going back to 'The Electrician', he texted me after our date (which was expected) and I didn't care to stay up to wait for his phone call. I went to sleep before midnight and woke up to see that I had a missed call and text from him thanking me for the good company.

Now, I sit here thinking that I don't think I see myself with him.... yet, again!

What is wrong with me, besides being too picky? Maybe I'm not ready to date.

Here is the youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQO2JbKyMWU