The bald guy with one ball and stumps fo
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2001-10-10 04:09:51 (UTC)


I started smoking again. You know why? MEGAN! It is a
great stress reliever and all, but it doesn't help every
day! That's how it is everyday! STRESS! MEGAN! STRESS! I
don't even know why we are going out. We shouldn't be, but
I can't live without her. I should be able to. GOD! Her
journal entries are fucking mean as hell. She writes about
how it will never happen again and how she learned her
lesson, and how she feels nothing for me, yet she comes
right back to me! It's like God Megan, make up your fucking
mind. Either you don't have feelings for me or you do.
Which one is it? I do lie to her very much, but I don't
really care because I guess I don't care about anything.
It's all a bunch of shit almost everyday. She'll read this
and think that I am the epitomy of mean, but just read her
entries! 10 times worse than this! And do I EVER say
anything?!?! NOOOO!!!! God forbid I say anything cruel, but
she's allowed to dis me completely without a fight, well,
it will NOT happen anymore, so fucking deal with it! Your'e
gonna have to! If you don't like it, then that's the end,
Life is so grand in my hood, though. I got a new
bike and a chevelle ss. It sucks really bad though, because
I got it from my dying uncle! I haven't even been up to see
him, because I hate to cry! I love my uncle very much and I
hate to see him go like this! I'd give anything to be in
his place! I guess it's just the fact that I would like to
die or something! I'm trying to make new friends for once.
Shed and Matt, and Elliot right now, that's about it. Matt
doesn't even call me, well noone does, but at least I hang
out with them sometimes. I'd like to be Matt P's friend
again, but that will never be the same. People change, and
I guess I have to deal with it. Welp, I'm gonna hit the