2012-02-06 06:16:41 (UTC)

Glad You Came

By The Wanted. Yesterday night...I fell asleep thinking about my fucked up life. This morning, I woke up thinking about my fucked up life. He wouldn't accept my friend request, but he would accept Ify's. ...Why? We both know him. If I stay any longer at this school, I'm going to keep sinking.


I'm just a morbid child with no friends. Roxas...a Nobody thinking he could be a somebody. I can relate to him so much, it's very scary.

Banned from my church's altar for being a homosexual; by a pastor whose ignorance has clearly enveloped his people, telling me I should stop being a homo. I should've told him he should've stopped being a fucking gangbanger and drug dealer. He could've changed that. Now I'm sitting here in a bus wondering how the fuck am I going to survive today.

How am I going to survive?