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2012-02-03 21:17:11 (UTC)

Nice day at work

Today, I got to do some cool new stuff once again. Learning more networking stuff. Won't go into details but I have to say, it's like playing. The day goes by so fast and they pay me for this. hahaha.

I received the deposit back from my ex Landlord. I asked him to give me the amount in two checks. This way in case my ex psycho wants it, I can actually give her a check and I'll still have some. So the total is 1300 bucks. I cashed the 600 dollar check and I'm going to wait to see if the ex demands the other.

I kept a hundred for misc petty cash and I'm going to save 500. This makes my total to a grand whopping 3,200!!! I bought a new complete bedding set and laid out the money on top of it. I'm being silly but I gotta say, if there's anything that can get man excited more than a naked lady on my bed gotta be money on my bed. lol.... I'm such dumb ass. I don't care. I gotta get my laughs any way I can. :)

Now I wish my W-2s would come in so I can get my taxes done. Don't know how much that will be but I'm guessing about 800. I don't own a home anymore so the good ole days of 11K tax returns are gone. :(

Can't say life is good but it could be worse. Till next time... I think I'm gonna roll around naked in my money for awhile. haha..

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