2012-02-03 02:35:42 (UTC)

Self Centered Bitch .

so i bet you know who im talking about right ? McKenzie ? WRONG . i mean ME . yes, ME . Wanna know why ? im not sure ask Aidan .

The other day in homeroom, him, Abby and McKenzie were talking about me and the texts me and Aidan send . and in my head i was like 'i can show you right here right now . i dont say anything bad, he does .' He sat there, WHILE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, asking about my feelings for him, saying i was someone special to him, and that he would be jealous if i dated someone else .

So i text him and was like:

Me: soo whats so important that my name had to come out of your guys mouth in homeroom .

him: y do you want to know ?

me: so i cant know what you guys are saying about ME ..why so secretive

him: im not telling . youre not my friend . i dont have to tell you anything .

me: okay, lets stop being childish and tell your little friends to be grown ups . they can come to me if they wanna know about our convos .

him: im being childish . wow .

me: so what texts does she want to see .

him: none . just do youre buisness and ill do mine .

me: i dont have to mind my buisness . when its about me, it IS my buisness .

him: no it isnt your buisness . you talk about us thts your buisness . we talk about you thats our buisness .

me: when do we talk about you ? if i were to have anything to say to you i would be a grown adult and say it to your face . and so you talk about us periodically ?

him: no we dont . i see you guys look at us like youre angry and then start talking all the time .

me: boy i could look however i please . and just cuz were tlkin dont mean its about you .

him: well it does when you look at us like your angry .

me: once again, i can look however i please . and two we arent the ones who stare .

him: you stare !

me: who stares ?

him: you and jade !

me: you mean you abby and mckenzie

him: when do we

me: excuse me . maybe you needa get your eyes checked .

him: tell me one time .

me: how bout the 5 times today in class . and just about EVERY day at lunch .

him: i never looked at you . neither did mckenzie or abby .

me: we both saw you . and explain lunch . you might not but i know mckenzie does .

him: im done arguing bye

me: exactly . you got nothing to say cause you know im right .

him: youre wrong . i stop texting you cause i dont need you . i have nothing to prove to you .

me: cool story bro . wanna tell it again ?

him: i dont have to prove myself to a self centered bitch .

me: im the self centered bitch ? me ..? you talkin to the right person . i think you mean mckenzie .

him: you have what 3 friends ? and most people dont like you so i think your the self centered bitch not mck

me: how would you know . and tell me something i dont know . yeah i might be a bitch but im NOT self centered .

him: well since you hate a lot of people and most people think your self centered, yeah your self centered .

me: the only person who thinks that is you .

him: and about a lot of people in the class .

me: names ?

him: max lindsey dolan austin darcie abby me mck koy and a few more . they think youre an ugly brat who bitches and is dumb .

me: thanks i appreciate it .

him: np . i dont wanna talk to you anymore so bye .

that waasnt Aidan . I know because 1) he took WAY too long to reply . so my thought is he was texting McKenzie asking what to say . 2) thats not Aidan . he would NEVER say that stuff . ik him better than tht .

he sits there and says i need to think of other people . TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE . i have a lot of stress right now . school, homework, fake people, parents, cleaning, preparing for high school, and now him . he doesnt realize that im gunna have a mental break down BECAUSE OF HIM ! like, how does he know that i couldve gone and killed myself because of it . EXACTLY, he doesnt . and it couldve been ALL AIDANS FAULT !

I KNOW im not self centered . I KNOW for a FACT that the world doesnt revolve around me . but McKenzie THINKS it revolves around her . There is NO room in my life for an ego her size .

I KNOW for a FACT Dolan, Austin, Koy, and Zach DO NOT hate me . Austin told me and Jade he hates McKenzie . Zach has always been my friend . Dolan isnt the kind of person to hate people . and Koy JUST told me he waas my friend . he says it everyday . sooo ..SHUTUP !

I CANT WAIT for the day karma comes right around and hits her HARD . shell lose her friends, popularity, everything . and itll be ALL her fault . (McKenzie)

Im so stressed right now just thinking about all of this is making me cry . im just gunna go .
love yall <3
bye .
em .

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