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2012-01-31 20:07:53 (UTC)

20,000 dollar fiasco

Today, I see a recap of what HR did for me at work. I noticed that they took to ex off medical dated 6/1/2010. I asked HR why they did this and should it be a concern. HR said that they have to do this. It's mandated but I shouldn't worry because I would have probably gotten a letter for the Ex's medical bills also. That's just fucking great!!! Probabilities and maybes. This is HR at it's best.

Then we talk about Cobra. HR again blurts out that Cobra is expensive and I shouldn't go that route due to the cost. I told her that I may have to (for the ex) because the medical bills may/may not be more than the sum of the monthly Cobra payments. How stupid can they be? I don't even want to think about how much these people get paid.

Now I have to just sit tight and hope that my medical doesn't send me a bill for the Ex's shit!!! I again tried to communicate with the Ex. Again, no reply!!! No call and no text back.

On the lighter side, I've saved 800 so far in Jan. I'll try to save at least 1200 this month but I'll try to crunch some numbers and try to
save 2,100. Hopefully totaling as much as 2,900. I better be able to do this now that I've posted this on my dang diary.

Oh yeah, I got a Benjamin riding on the Patriots in the Superbowl. :)