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2012-01-30 22:43:28 (UTC)

20,000 update

I spoke to HR today. Didn't realize I had to sign paperwork. It appears that they will simply remove my cancellation of dependents on my medical coverage and proclaim that I covered the ex step-kids due to them still living with me. So I'm guessing that constitute being able to still cover them. It sort of sucks because this means that I have to reinstate both step kids. The 9 year old girl (which I don't mind) and the loser 20 yr old that had the baby (This I mind).

This is the same stupid beeeeatch that made up the story at school and got CPS on my ass! Anyway, this will mean that I have to cover them for another year and then drop their coverage during open enrollment in Oct 2012. I"m guessing this will mean 2-3 hundred a month in medical coverage. I had anticipated being able to save money this year for a possible home but I guess this will put a dent in int now. Still, it's better than paying 20K and/or chasing the ex or her 20 yr old daughter for it.

I will not mention having coverage for them. They already have coverage so I won't mention this at all. No need to complicate things even more. Seems like HR and Pers are already doing shit they aren't suppose to. Some of my friends were saying that this is HR's fault to begin with and I should even fight for this coverage that they say to do.

Me? I'll live. I'll do this and move on.

Till next time...