2012-01-29 04:21:13 (UTC)

Mmk . Whatever Dude .

So the other day Aidan decided it would be funn to cuss me out . He called me a bitch and told me to f off . then, he tried to apologize and i was like im good . &&he tried to make me forgive him and he goes:

Aidan: sorry
Me: sometimes sorry means nothing
Aidan: it does mean something
Me: not when i dont accept
Aidan: well then just accept
Me: how bout no .
Aidan: how bout yes

im like dude NO ! First off, YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND ! why the hell do you care so much ?

And we ALL think that he doesnt really like Abby, like i know McKenzie already told him to ask her out but then he said he was starting to like her . We just think hes desperate . and everyone says they dont work . first off, theyre like 5'6" and shes a lil talled i think . tht doesnt work . then you got him, bleach blond, and her, ginger ! no, just no .

and i hope no one thinks im jealous, cause im not . like seriously, i mean it .

well, just thought id fill you in . imma go .
love yall <3
bye .
em .

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