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2012-01-28 11:18:39 (UTC)

I fucked a girl in my dream..

I fucked a girl in my dream last night. We had been watching each other for a little while. but for the whole family were there watching us.. then she came up to me and asked if i wanted to come with her. I stood up, but someone, and i can't remember who, asked me to sit back down. Then i did, she went down anyways, and i sulked over it for a while. It was my ultimate fantasy - to go into a room with a girl undisturbed just the two of us.

Then eventually, I went down stairs when everybody else was upstairs, i went into her room and her sister was there too - her sister left the two of us, and then we got it on. I spread her legs brought my face down, and opened my mouth. it was such a turn on, even in my dream, and even now, writing about it. Then I opened her legs wider, and put my hands on her. i rubbed her with one hand, and touched myself with the other. Then i rubbed my hips against hers. at this point i began waking up a little. then just as i was about to cum, i kind of woke up properly, but still in my dream (weird i know) as in i was still touching myself and was very horny. then I got myself off with my finger whilst half awake, and then came. I'm still so wet from it.