2012-01-26 14:13:27 (UTC)


I can practice texting here, haha. Anyway...Eliot is sitting behind me. I'm so curious to find out who he actually is.

You gotta be kidding me? No.

Phil won a chess match. He's so damn brilliant. I want to hug him. I learned Muhammad Harris Khan's name. Ill keep it in note...and this guy named which is pronounced, "Cuh-peel." He's cute. So many other people are cute but I don't say anything about them. He's reading a book
On other matters, there's Pablo...he's confused. Aww...he has a cute voice too. Eliot.

Anyway, what to do with myself. I don't Eliot Hispanic? Because that would make him much more sexy. xD I'm a whore.

I want Phil. Or Diego..but I like Phil more. :( I wish I had...I wish i had been liked back. But not at this school.