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2012-01-27 08:26:17 (UTC)

How obvious was that and yet..

How obvious was that and yet no one did it?

London has the highest percentile of singletons out of any city in the uk

a social network for frequent travellers/commuters

Examples of successful brand renovation through a digital platform e.g. birds eye renovation through bloggin

Because its a wonderful thing when strangers meet - happy people, basic human contact etc

Dear Sainsburys why is tiger bread called tiger bread? it should be called giraffe bread - letters from kids -


You realised that 'oh right that's a real person' etc rather than just a brand controlled by someone behind a corporate veil. It makes a significant difference that customers/audiences view them, because you suddenly have a conversation with an actual person at the company and. not because theyve come up wit a clever way of position them selves that suddenly makes them more likeable.

The idea has been that all the digital needs to be poured into the marketing of the product. but really it needs to be poured into the product. it about social products not social marketing.

The genius to Nike plus was solving a brand problem with a product rather than with the marketing of a product. "you've ran 2.5 miles" "your average pace is...per mile"
Making the product digital, not making the marketing digital - its a talking shoe (nike plus) if anything is going to sustain consuption of products within the next ten yrs, itll be imbedding digital into products, give them intelligence in the sense of making things aware of what they are, where they are, with whom etc.