Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2012-01-26 08:04:41 (UTC)

the aplomb of annoyances

The roomie thing, sigh, it's almost over with. by over, I mean, the back and forth drama is about to explode into incendiary chunks and spew over into the social scene I've only just skated on the edge of. it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. probably poorly. I expect I along with gordo will be ostracized to some small backwater corner of the new dynamic. I'm actually ok with that. go figure.

I realize now, I may have little in the way of choice of how I will spend my time dealing with the next three years, seven months and twenty six days before the stinging of my gulag stain will gets wiped up, mopped up, eradicated, so on, so forth, etc. I've got a plan, I'm opting out of the ostentatious plan and going with the secondary one. unless by some miracle I manage to wring free every cent left in the annuity. well, to be fair, it'd just speed a few things up. bankruptcy, student loan payoff, setting myself up in a decent place, etc. I mean, who knows right? good things to all those who wait, etc.

So, the plan will be, go to school, get my associates degree, do the 7 months of real-estate courses, go intern at one of 3 or 4 places I've got my sights set on, and go from there. if I manage to enjoy it, great, if not, then there's my fallback, and that's teaching over in japan. thailand, etc. It'll be hard, tons of work, I expect to be swamped. but, in the end, it'll be worth it. I hope. but, I have to get out of the rut I'm in. find a more permanent solution to my current living situation, and find a social niche of my own. and a job. job would be fan-fucking-tastic. here's hoping.