A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2012-01-26 03:02:35 (UTC)

Ok Missed A Couple Days Again (Thu)

Ok missed a couple days again. I have gotto do better and try and keep up with this dairy. It only takes about 10 minutes aday to do a post so I have gotto take the time. Maybe I will do my entries from work before I leave.

Anyways, just to catch up, on Monday I was able to give in the proper documentation to Betus and now I am waiting to receive my $500 in a gift card that should be coming from Europe I will use this money wisely. I also received the Vicks inhaler on Monday and was not pleased with it because the seller told me that it was new which it was clearly not. I contacted him and he appologized and refunded my account in paypal. The refund took an xtra day because he applied it to a wrong account but in the end all was good.

Also started on Monday taking the water pills that I brought to tone up my body . Hope they work. For the most part I am keeping up with my 5Goals and I still have not mastubated for 75 days now!!

Fitz called me today and told me that he got the job as a CSR so now I am motivated to start to get ready to take the inspector test again. I will have to in the near future sort through some stuff in order to get myself straight for this test.

Ok thats it for now

KGS (14685)

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