I Was a High School Slut
2012-01-25 02:30:11 (UTC)

The Beginning of the End

So, yea its true~I was the HS slut. Shame & self loathing are my mantra. I haven't been a slut for a long long time, but those days still haunt me as if I were still spreading my legs to every Tom, Dick, & Harry every night. I didn't aspire to be a whore. & I must add that I didn't sleep with anyone without a little help from my close friend Bud~Bud Light that is. So, I guess I was a alcoholic HS Slut. I really started my career in the 7th grade. Pretty disgusting, looking back. I now know that I was so so so so lonely & have carried that on to this very day. My Mom was/is a whore, too. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I find it so odd that the woman I used to cry for when I was a child, makes me psychically ill today. So much that I haven't spoken to her in almost 2 yrs.. She makes me feel terrible instantly-how is that possible.
I remember my 1st kiss from a boy I was going with. He was 2 years older & I thought he was such a fox-heheh fox. He went to kiss me goodbye for the 1st time & he stuck his tongue in my mouth-ewww. Being in 5th grade I was pretty grossed out & pushed him away. Well, when he got home he called to break up with me. & there in that instant I believe the seed was planted. Good girls don't get the foxy boys.
I really have only had one true friend in all of my life & that relationship has been a rocky road. She being an alcoholic, too.

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