Diary of an Emo
2012-01-24 21:41:55 (UTC)

I'm backk

Ok so I haven't been on here in a while, and some stuff has been going on and I don't know where to express how I feel or just where to write my thoughts down.. Then I remembered I had an account here haha ;p

Anyway so I have been talking to this guy and meeting up with him and to be honest I quite like him, but it's that whole stress thing about if he loves me back blablabla. It's just that at least once a day I think about him and I think of sending him a bbm. The problem is that I'm always the one who is starting the conversation. So I'm not even sure if he wants to talk to me? Because maybe he's just answering out of niceness and get it over with. I hope not. Now I have had this problem before, and I had decided to not talk to him and wait for him to start a conversation. So after a couple of days he did and of course I was all happy&shit but since then it's been me again. And it makes me wonder, does he even think about me? Or am I just another chick he might bang? Pfff I hate this.

But I also strongly believe in horoscopes. I'm a Sagittarius, and I know he's a Libra. I took a look at the match of those two on the horoscope on my phone, and it says that it would work out well but still.. is he supposed to act this way then?

Thanks diary :)

xxx Me