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2012-01-23 17:07:26 (UTC)

Response from Ex wife

I got an email from the Ex. All she said was that the daughter was trying to get medical on her own (more free shit the State gives) and that it was because I didn't take her off the current medical, the daughter was not able to get on to the State's medical/medicaid or whatever it is freeloaders get from the State. So they are implying that it is "MY FUCKING FAULT" for all this!!!! Unbelievable!!!! People are so blind and only see one thing. Not an damn ounce of gratitude for all that I gave (and apparently still gonna be giving)!!!!

Leeches, cum dumpsters, whores... like Mother like daughter.

Ex also just said she doesn't know what she can do. Translating to," I'm not going to give you a dime to help you out".

What did her daughter say? Not a thing. This is the same girl that the school to file a false CPS report on me because she made up a story.

So much for my goals this year. Will this nightmare with my ex ever end??!! You can laugh now but mark my words, my avenging angels will deal with this soon. Grrrr

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