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2012-01-22 09:01:25 (UTC)

20,000 mistake

Well, it was coming around the corner. I knew it was possible and sure enough, it of course happened to me. I got a letter yesterday. It was from blue shield my medical provider. It said I owed them 20,200 bucks in thirty days.

This all began when I was married to the evil cum dumpster ex. A short time after I was married, I put the two little kiddos under my medical. My ex had an older daughter from a previous marriage. Her bio Mom and Dad did not have medical coverage for her. As you can already guess, I felt sorry for her and I put her under my medical as a step daughter. All was fine.

Then, came the divorce. Once divorced, step kids can no longer use the medical coverage. Ok, fine. I didn't send in the paperwork to remove coverage for them. Sorry, I was sort of busy with a few things like adultery, chapter 7, foreclosing, getting news that my then 3 yr old son wasn't biologically mine, divorce, false CPS reports, stress from work. I dunno, I guess I missed this. Geez, I tackle all this shit and I miss a thing or two. Weaker people would've blown their brains out by now.

Now did the Ex's daughter know? Yes, she did. These are people that don't see past what's in front of their face. She was pregnant and didn't care and had no choice I guess. So they used my medical card. She had a healthy baby girl from it. They knew that this could happen but didn't care.

So I called and sent my Ex and My Ex's daughter an email and left voice messages. Of course, I didn't expect and received a reply or callback. I thought so.

My goal living in this room I'm renting was to save enough for a house by year's end. This was my breakout year! Instead, I am fucked once again by my Ex's ordeals. This was all because I was feeling sorry for someone. This girl wasn't covered medically by her Mom and Dad so I stepped up and helped her out. Now look. I'm the one that gets fucked over. Fuck me!!!! This poison of an ex and her family are all just a nightmare.

So now what? I'm going to try to fight it but somehow someway, I think I will end up coughing up for this fucking bill. I won't even get a thanks from that girl for helping her give birth to a healthy baby girl. I think she's 20 by now? Maybe I can sue her for it but she is living off the system and I will get shit anyway even if I somehow win in court. Fuck me again!!!!

That's ok though. I've been through worse. I'm sure I'm going to be able to cop a plea to make payments. Maybe 500 a month. I know the ex and her deadbeat family will most likely not give anything. My goals are shot but maybe I'll be able to have some form of a life. I will survive as usual and Karma is alive and well in my life. I will get mine and the Ex's family will get theirs. I got my avenging angels on my side so time will tell. :) Till next time....

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