A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2012-01-22 00:37:19 (UTC)

Just Came Back From The Movies (Sun)

I just came back from watch the "Haywire"movie with Reggie and Kobe. Did not real enjoy it much because I thought it would be better that that. Either way it was good to do something on the weekend again which I seem to be doing alot.

(Saturday)Before I left to see the movie I did my "Insanity " workout so now I have completed 1 full week of workouts. Only 8 more to go but at least I an going strong. Tomorrow I have the day off from workouts so I will use it to stretch.

Waisted a large part of the day looking online for ebooks and did not start to get things done until about 3;00pm. Reggie also came by earlier and gave me the $400 that he owed me and we went to "Cello" to get some ribs which he treated.

Before I go to bed I will try and complete my 5Goals by doing some shopping online and getting the two item that I wrote about in my plan for the day (flying helichopper and wireless speakers).

KGS (14681)

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