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2012-01-21 19:34:09 (UTC)

OH . MY . GOD .

soo . you wont believe this . last night i was texting Aidan and we got into an arguement :

Aidan: im really confused and dont know what to do about us . like ik its over and it will never be but its hard for me to get over it . and are we friends ?

Me: you are exactly right . there will never again be an us . and no not really .

Aidan: y arent we friends ?

Me: cause of the way youve treated me and the people you hang out with .

Aidan: ive tried to be nice to you and you hang out with people i dont like but i still want to be your friend .

Me: so you dont like jade ? and the people i hang out with seriously rack my nerves . im come so close to going off on one of them .

*skipping insignificant parts*

Me: you havent learned that me and her dont get along ? you rlly dont get it do you .

Aidan: So you dont have to talk to her . just be my firend .

Me: being your friend requires being close to her . and i REFUSE to do tht . my answer wont change .

Aidan: your being f****ing dumb . YOU DONT have to talk to her .

Me: excuse me ? you just ruined all chances . dont ask me for ANYTHING

Aidan: y do you have to break my heart over and over again ?
Aidan: emily im sorry

Me: really dude . no . DO NOT even apologize .

*skip some parts*

Aidan: am i allowed to make mistakes ?

Me: when you say stuff like tht, no not really .


Aidan: Emily !!! like all i have done is care for you and never stop . i was always there for you i gave you my life . i always hung out with you cause i loved you sooo much ..its not fair what you did to me and if you couldnt accept the fact that i mess you then youre just a jerk .

Me:you know what, so are you . caring for me is not calling me jealous all the time and critisizing me . and im pretty sure you stil think im jealous .

Aidan: i called you once ! and i was joking !

Me: you did not !im done arguing dude . for real dude . i gave you my answer . accept it and move on .

Aidan: y do you have to keep breaking my heart ?

Me: dude seriously let it go . like for real its done, over ...STOP

Aidan: ok . sorry .

So then i get on Facebook and this is what i see :

(not putting her actual name)
Abby is in a relationship .

and everyone else was like with who ? and someone who already knew was like its a secret . and McKenzie put AIDAN (: and alyssa was like in our class ? and McKenzie goes YAAAH .

so then everyone was all like awwww cute .

And im like dude , seriously you sit there and say : youll never love again, you wont be in a relationship for a long time . you still love me .

BULLSHIT . it doesnt make me mad but idk how to explain what i mean . but im like ridiculous .

whatever . im over EVERYBODY . im pissed so imma go .
love yall <3
em .<3

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