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2012-01-21 03:22:27 (UTC)

Finally Got My Headphones!! (Sat)

Finally got my headphones on Friday and I am so happy I did. Even though you can tell that they are some what cheap, and the sound it'nt as loud as I would of hoped, I am still very happy with them and will be using them as I jog and get into shape this summer. I contact the seller and made him know that I received the package and gave him an excellent review.

On Friday I did my phone interview for the CCI postion in SI. It well pretty well and I answed most or all of the questions. Not sure if I will get a face to face interview or not but it does'nt matter much anyways because I am not sure I will take the job even if I get it.

Also won my bet on the NBA game today and my betting account is back up to around $1500. I call the sportdesk and ask for a payout and I was told that I need to email in ID and I will receive a Visa card.
I will have to do this on Monday.

I am keeping up with my 5Goals plan for the most part and I am only 1 workout away from completeting my first week of "Insanity" which is going pretty well.

Oh yeah, today make 70 days into this contract.

KGS (14680)

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