2012-01-20 05:55:17 (UTC)

lil' story bout HIM-.-'

I kinda like this marvin who i know from the Bruno Mars concert in our town at October 13th 2011. I was pretty stupid and told him that i kinda like him more than just a friend.
wow Nadia(that's me^^') i new you are not the smartest thing on earth but i didn't know that u r this supid-.-'
at least uum i think he was pretty shocked hihi and i told him that i wanna break contact w/ him but he told me he don't wanna break the contact but i have t' understand he loves his gf.
my thoughts 'ooh crap i fuckin forgot bout his friggen gf! i'd never tell him this shit if i didn't forget that he's a gf'
so yea i told him that i don't want t' destroy his relationship and he should forget what i said and just act normal ^^'
so now we r kind of friends but he's not that nice t'me anymore he grew t' a lil bitchy whore haha.
there r many fishes in the sea so there could also be many hot boys in the world:P

Peace bitcheeees'xoxo

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