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2012-01-20 01:59:11 (UTC)

Holy crap! I'm in a real relatiosnship

Ok so I have gotten to a point where I have become mistrustful. Either, I become guarded and ditch guys or I just avoid everything. However, during all this avoiding and hating I have somehow stumbled upon my ideal guy!

I know when I talk about guys, I always say how sweet they are. But seriously! I did not know what sweet was till I met Abdul. He is so amazing and wants just me and only me and he isn't afraid to say it too.

I met him on a website and right away we clicked. However, this isn't the first time I've clicked with anyone but slowly we came to the conclusion to meet up.

So we met up! and I don't know what happened but by the second date, I had the strange feeling that he wanted to be friends and that there was no way he could be attracted to me. ( I know! my self esteem was really low and the whole date thing made me insanely nervous) so i did my usual running away thing where I stopped talking to him. Ooh and what he did made me think twice! He wrote a letter explaining his feelings and what he thought. So I basically couldn't tell him a lie....even though Maggie told me to take that route. He was insanely honest with me and I owed it to him to be the same back. And ...well, his words got me on another date with him. Goodness, seeing him again before we went to the restaurant made me rethink everything!! I finally found my gem!

After that date we became inseparable. From our first adorable kiss, to our first time doing it. His cute way of explaining a science joke to me or how he always wants me to try a piece of something(food wise). he's always the thoughtful one. Mainly he decides where to set up the date, what to do and were to go, cause I really am horrible at that. And...I don't know...just the way he always tries hard to maintain what we have.

Did I tell you how he told me that he LOVED me already!!! on New Years too. I was so shocked that I didn't say anything...then it got awkward and I felt s0000ooo000ooo bad. The look on his face hurt me! It was too soon to say things like that so I never thought about him like that. Afterwards when we got intimate later I felt that love, when he was cuddling me and telling me how he'd always take care of me...I felt it and told him. =p nyways nore updates sooon. hope he doesnt break my heart!!

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