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2012-01-19 22:13:13 (UTC)

Fake . Fake . Fake . &&oh, thats right ..FAKE !

okay so last night at volleyball, McKenzie hit me in the head with a volleyball AGAIN ! i mean, i would think it was an accident but, you know, the fact that shes ONLY EVER HIT ME and laughs after she does it, kinda makes me think its not an accident . &&she laughed at me when i missed the ball . FIRST OFF: you missed WAY more than me . SECOND: you suck a volleyball . at least im DECENT ! then she has the nerve to boss everyone around like she da coach .

Then, Aidan has tha freaking nerve to go off on me . Oh, and talk behind one of my best friends back .. TO ME ! im like stupid, shutup ! he basically got mad at me because i said i didnt miss when we dated . he asked me and i was like well i broke up with you so no . and he was like: you know what . im really mad right now and i dont wanna get into it so bye . im like WHATEVER !

then, we was playing volleyball in gym . and girls were palyin there own game and guys had their own . so there was 7 girls on our side and 8 on the other . we had the weird people too . it was: Rachel, Kim, Amber, Shelby, Rebecca and then me and Jade . the others had: Sarah Jay, Sarah F., Alyssa, McKenzie, Abby, Lindsey, Mia, and Darcie . and since we had the sucky people besides me Jade and Shelby, the decided to treat us like 5 year olds . They had a group huddle and decided to send Alyssa and Sarah Jay over to our side . i came SO SO close to saying go back to your side cause i dont want you over here . then, Sarah and Alyssa were talking to McKenzie through the net and alls i heard was McKenzie say 'not to be mean or anything.' like BITCH just come out and SAY IT TO MY EFFING FACE ! then, since Lindsey and Mia are a little better at volleyball, they switched with Alyssa and Sarah . im just like, fo real !?

so then after, Sarah Jay has the nerve to be like 'guys, what happened during volleyball !?' and Jade goes "i dont know you tell me .' and she walked away . i was like WHATEVER .

the only good thing about my life right now is that we get to go to Washington DC for our class trip ! im so excited . except Sarah Jay and Alyssa want to room with us and we HAVE to have at least 4 people, 5 at most . im just like GREEEAT .

but, hey ..well work it out . well imma go .
love yall <3
bye .
em .<3

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