The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2012-01-17 00:51:40 (UTC)

I hope I'm strong enough

Day 1 without a cigarette, I wanted one only because it has become a habit for me at work, at home i could go without if i wanted to.
I started that damn chantix again; so for this first week I'm going to take 2 then after that I'm going to take 1, and then hopefully I'll be strong enough to stop the pill; I don't want to smoke anymore! it may be too late for me, who knows, but if God let's me live until summertime I don't want to be smoking in the heat!! I hate how i smell and how my clothes smell. I hate how my chest feels when i walk up the stairs. if I'm going to start walking again; I need to get my lungs back to par!
So I'm starting this shake diet, it's actually a health shake, and I can really only do one a day because I can't force breakfast down more than half the time, so i basically drink a carnation instant breakfast IF I'm hungry, then I eat a fiber one bar, then for lunch i eat a shake, then i eat an afternoon snack, either cottage cheese or something else then a smart one dinner, then usually an orange for my night snack! Think i can do it? I hope so.
Money is coming in tomorrow, I got him once again! Maybe at the end of the month; I'll ask him for a bit more? we shall see.

Til next time,

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