Middle Child

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2012-01-16 03:17:44 (UTC)

25th Birthday

Today is my 25th birthday!

I had a 2-day weekend celebration with my family and friends, and I loved every minute of it!

2012 was a great start to the year and 15 days later, I had another great start to the year of being 25. I've been on a couple dates since the beginning of 2012 up until the last day of being 24.. hahaha. I got a few numbers and talked to random guys at the bar. I'm ready to date. I'm looking for love and I hope I'm looking at all the right places.

Last night guys kept asking me why I was single and that question always leaves me wondering to myself, "why AM I single?"

2011 was my year for achieving my university degree, getting a full-time job and earning my full driver's license.

2012 will be my year for love :-)

Happy Birthday to me :)