My fuckin boring life
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2012-01-15 21:49:52 (UTC)


Something new for me. Writin a diary. I like that idea but i do not know what should I write here. So I'll start as many of people.

Hi! My name is Daniel. I'm sixteen but in October I'll be seventeen. I'm from poland and I'm walking to a high school. My class profile is bio-chem. What can i say about me? I do not know.
So, I'm playin on bass guitar, in rock/metal band. Brown, medium hair; brown eyes, earring in right ear <just one>.

Hmm. I think that was a good start, but u know, I can not tell that it's the most awesome or the worst enter of the world and that's your judgment.

Now I need to go, sleepin. Parents r angry because of me so I need to be GOOD CHILD xD but i know tha I'll never be lol.

So se ya! I'll write tomorrow. Sweet dreams to all of you! ;*