life as is...
2012-01-15 18:12:09 (UTC)


Why am I feeling angry right now why am I so irritable right now maybe because I'm not around my daughter can't wait to get home to her but what if I get home with her and I'm still not happy. Maybe I miss her father her father but when he's there I'm not happy so what is stopping me from being happy and from realizing my blessing why can't I be grateful that I have a job and that I can pay my bills and provide for my daughterr maybe working is making me unhappy maybe if I was abled to be at home wit my daughter and still be able to provide I will be happy or mamaybe that won't be the solution to my happiness. Maybe I am not meant to be happy maybe I can't reach happiness because I'm grasping ahold of pain sorrow and regret so just let it go... but how and when. Now. How?