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2012-01-15 17:32:27 (UTC)

Dont be Afraid of the Dark

*****WARNING: BE SURE TO READ !!!!!!!!!!! if youve heard of this, and you want to see it, dont read this because i am telling what happens !!!!*****

its a scary movie . Jade and I watched it last night . it scared the shizzz outta me .

So basically, at the beginning this guy name Mr. Blackwood lives in this mansion . he rings for the maid to come to the basement . when she comes down, he set a trap for her to fall . then he pulls her teeth out and puts it in a fireplace type of thing and these creepy creatures come and capture him . then, it goes to present day and this little girls, Sallys, mom sends her to live with her dad and her dads girlfriend, Kim . well, her dad is helping remodel this house . Sally is exploring outside and finds a window going to the basement . so, one of the people helping already knows about the basement and takes her away but then the dad sees it too so they go knock on the wall to find where its hallow . so they knock out the wall and go down there . Sally goes to the fireplace and hears these voices talking to her . so the next day she goes down and unscrews the bolts and opens the fireplace . and everytime these things are released, they have to take a life and they dont like light . so then she hears them in her room and they are saying they will be her friend . and they eat Kims clothes and the dad blames Sally but everybody but the dad believes Sally . so then, the guy who pulled Sally away from the window goes to close the fireplace and the things come out and start cutting him and he walks upstairs and falls to the ground . and while he is in the hospital, he tells Kim to get Sally out of the hosue . and as this is happening, Sally is in the bath and the creatures turn out the light and make it so she cant get out and no one can get in . then, they try to kill her and the maid hearsher screaming and so do the people working on the house . they bust open the door and get Sally . so then, they are ahving a party and Sally sees one so she take a picture and the thing tore it up . then, they go into the library and so does Sally . and they are knocking stuff over saying 'poor little Sally . nobody believes you .' and she was like what do you want !? and one goes YOU ! and the door is locked and one tries to take her camera so she smashes it between 2 sliding bookshelves . Kim packs Sallys stuff and when they are trying to leave, the trap is set on the stairs and Kim falls . then Sally comes down and she gets knocked out and they have her tied trying to get her ddown in the fireplace . Kim cuts the rope and as she is the rope gets tied around her ankles and when she cuts the rope she gets pulled back and she gets taken down . so, Sally and her dad went back and set a picture in front of the basement door and it gets sucked down the fireplace and they are like 'they are hear . should we fight back .' and you hear Kim say 'no, just wait . there will be others .' and then its over .

but it was really creepy . Jade screamed at one point . i was like IM SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON ! haha .

but yeah . sorry if i ruined it for you but i said at the beginning dont read if you dont wanna know what happens . well imma go .
love yall . <3
em .