Confessions of madness
2012-01-15 15:45:26 (UTC)

Yesterday after a bottle of..

Yesterday after a bottle of vodka I left the one man I thought was perfectly suited to me. He wasn't mine. Everyone keeps asking why I've had another failed relationship and the answer is because he was perfect in every way. The one man to respect me, love me and treat me right. He wasn't mine. He's someone elses. I tried so hard to fall in love with him but I couldn't. I couldn't even sleep with him. I'm wrong in every way for him. He's still so new to the world and I've had the past, the experiances and the trouble, my life shouldn't be shared with him. He deserves someone so much better then me, someone who loves him how he should be loved. I was just the girl who payed interest in him, I won't be the last.
I now have to recognise that I am again depressed. It's been building up for some time and I don't think I can keep it back any more. My life is a mess, a pure mess I can't control.