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2012-01-15 12:58:07 (UTC)

New Year

15 days into the new year. I've been avoiding writing anything, mainly because my mind is going at 100 miles a second most of the time, and most of the (rather compelling) thoughts I have only stay 30 seconds or so before making way for the next. So I've avoided coming here partly out of lack of time, partly out of but mainly out of frustration at not being able to recollect everything that should be brought here, and in the right order. I'll try.

For memory sake, i'll go over it via lists.

1. Ambitions for the year.


i. Get your hands into Research and Insight

ii. get promoted by September this year, into a research role - I'm 22 yrs old and currently on 26k. I turn 23 in July, and I predict I'll still be on 26k at that time, but ideally I would like a 2k jump after a promotion of some kind

2. Reading:

i. Read all those research books - '...A Master Class in Brand Planning by Stephen King, Jon Steel's Truth Lies and Advertising, Adam Morgan's eatbigfish, and the recently published APG GOLD book - a compilation of the best award winning planning case histories from the past 15 years or so. And if you are into research, especially qual, then Wendy Gordon’s Good Thinking is brilliant...'

ii. Read Edward De Bono - Beautiful mind, Transform your thinking

iii. Start building up a library, a la Ben, a la Robin

3. Make stuff:

i. As put by Mark Pollard, 'Make stuff' to keep the mind well oiled - Develop all those fragmented ideas - dating tube, online sketch, interior styling, fine art - robin,

4. Travel:

i. Travel SOMEWHERE - either hong kong - improve mandarin, palestine - make architecture, denmark/berlin/scandinavian - design week, Russia - moscow

ii. Travel plans for bday - Mexico, Barcelona, Ovieddo, Athens, New York, Shangai, Japan, Thailand,

5. Social:

i. Dating - do it with sincerity and sophistication. As you are.

ii. I’m someone who needs to be in the right frame of mind to go out with someone. If I have plans to stay in and I get a text at 7:30pm asking me to meet someone, even a friend, for a drink, I’m usually saying no.

iii. Listen. We are all broken in some way. There’s aspects to what you’ve written that, unfortunately, I don’t feel qualified to address.

an insight is an unspoken human truth.