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2012-01-15 08:30:57 (UTC)

Missing you

"When the one you love is in love with someone else, dont you know it's torture, I mean it's lving hell." - Sara Evans

It really, really is. I want him to be happy, I do, but what I really want is him to be happy with me, theres no way to deny that. We used to be happy, so happy. Staying home, watching some t.v, cuddling in bed. The simple stuff is what pleased me. Being with him is what pleased me. I miss it. i miss everything. I miss him, I miss his smell, his warmth, his strength. I could live in his arms, god knows I slept in them enough. I still do sometimes.. while laying on a bed full of feathers, in his warm embrace, feeling his lips on my forehead, hearing him softly whisper 'I love you' in my ear, I still experience that, whether it be in my dreams or not, I still experience it..

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