If I'm a bunny, your a goose.
2012-01-15 08:17:25 (UTC)

Just recently.

It's been awhile since I've talked to him, longer than I'm used to. I would have given in by now, texted or called probably, but I know it will only make things harder. I miss him, a lot.. but he has a life now. Him and his girlfriend seem happy, who am I to interfere? I remember when I was his girlfriend. When I was the one who made him happy, but thats all I have now, memories.
Everything reminds me of him. Songs, books, sports, colors. Its been almost a year now that we've been broken up, six months that we havent 'messed around'. How is it possible that I'm still a wreck? Is it his mesmorizing green eyes, or his big, beautiful smile? I couldn't tell if I tried. At times I wonder where I went wrong. Why didn't he want me anymore? I thought he loved me? I know I loved him. The hole in my chest where my heart should be proves that.