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2012-01-13 17:42:16 (UTC)

Long Day

I actually got to sleep last night with out taking any Trazodone or Ambien. Was impressed. Took awhile, but I actually did get to sleep.
Awoke this morning about 430am, tried to play Runescape for awhile, But just couldn't get into it. Too much running in my mind as usual. I hate it when my mind will not just shut down.

Kids ended up having late start days due to all the snow we got yesterday and last night. With it only being 13 degrees today, i'm surprised they actually are going to school for the 4 hours.

Had a chat with the boyfriend last night, who admitted that my depression is driving hi away from me. Plus the financial stress we are under. It bites when I hear, "when you're depressed i just don't want to be around you", no one seems to understand that when i'm that depressed, I NEED someone around to help me ease the depression that's keeping me from functioning correctly.

I took him to work again this morning. Got home, got the kids up and ready, then headed to my doctor appointment, about my blood work and tests they did, only to find out the doctor called in so they had canceled everyone's appointments. I see another doctor on Monday and will just have them get the results sent over and I will know what all I'm dealing with here. Ive only bee waiting since Tuesday. Guess it cant be to life threatening, or they would have had me in right away, but as a woman, I worry. I do have children to raise, and I'm no young chicken anymore. I may look young, but my body on the inside is falling into the age it should be.

But anyway, I have a migraine creeping on, probably from lack of food the past three or four days. I cant remember when I last ate its been so long.

So will write another time.