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2012-01-12 10:30:39 (UTC)

Cant Sleep Again

Well, was one of those nights where I take a little more sleeping meds tan the doc ordered, yet, I still couldnt sleep, and now Im wide awake. My coffee is brewing, and Im waiting till the boyfriend wakes up late, asking for a ride to work. I kow its going to happen. He was planning on being up by 530, and biking to work by 6. He has to be there by 7. But I can bet, I will have to wake his ass up, and he will ask for a ride.

I cant go back to sleep. I have kids to get up by 7, and on the bus by 8. Then about an hour after that, my son will be waking up. So its going to be another long day.

But its time to grab my coffee, and roll from there.