2012-01-11 23:48:01 (UTC)

Mr. Kneavan .

Dont ask me how to pronounce it ^ . im not even sure he is the music teacher . Why is he the title ? well, we were in class and when people talk he sends them to the hall .

So first he sent Joselyn, then Katie, then Madalyn and Rebecca, then Tony, then me and Jade ?

Why me and Jade ? I HAVE NO CLUE ! we were standing there singing, as we were supposed to, the right song with the right 'posture .' out of no where you hear Mr. Knevan say " JADE AND EMILY ...why dont you just go out in the hall ." and we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and walked out . we were like really !? we didnt do anything . we were singing . we were deffinitly more behaved than ANYONE in that whole room . i was just like okay, whatever .

well, imma go .
love yall <3
bye .
em . <3

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