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2012-01-11 23:21:11 (UTC)

Stupid, Childish People .

God, i freakin HATE people . So let me tell you what wwent down yesterday .

So Jade and I are sitting at lunch at our own little table . So McKenzie, Max, Aidan, Zach, Mia, Kim, and Drew are all sitting at a table . So, Aidan comes and sits at our table, and the other people are looking over at us laughing like it was the most HILARIOUS thing in the world . So Jade and I get up and walk away . So, we were standing at the trashcans . Max walks over and I go "care to explain whats so funny . cause i dont find it funny ." He goes "well i do ." And Jade was like "well youre the only one ." and he goes "no, a lot of other people thought so . itd be real funny if you went and sat over there ." and we were like "alright lets go ."

We walk over there and sit down . DEAD SILENCE . in my head im like 'so funny, right ?' (not sure why i didnt say it .) and Jade goes "i thought so ." and we got up and walked away . So we go back to our table and Zach comes over . I go "can i help you ?" and he goes "no ." i said "goodbye ." and he didnt leave . i go "you gotta problem ?" He goes "McKenzie said if i didnt come sit over here she wouldnt talk to me for a week ." he got up and left .

So Max comes over and i go "do you guys have an issue ?" he was like no . And then we was saying something and he goes "tell me a joke ." and Jade goes "you ." and he was like "that was real funny . tell me another one ." i go "goodbye . " and we started saying something else . he guys "YOU GUYS ARE JUST BIG BULLIES !" and got up and walked away . Then McKenzie (who cant whisper to save her life cuz i could hear every word she said .) goes "Whatd they say to you !??!"

Then Zach came over and started poking me and McKenzie and everyone else started cracking up laughing . McKenzie was like "MAX HURRY YOURE MISSING IT !!!" im just like, ooooo sooo hilarious ....bitch please . so Max comes over and goes "im gunna help you guys stach your chairs ." i go "good cause we werent gunna do it anyways." and we walked away .

So later Aidan text me ...convo :

Aidan: hey are you mad at me ?

Me: well, you know, i say ill be your friend and that happens . i dont see why it was just soo funny so humor me, please .

Aidan: max and mck and zach were like go sit with you guys and i did . i looked back and saw them laughing and ig they thought it was funny that i sat with you and the only reason i was laughing was cause they were . so when you left me i went back to sit down so mck told zach to go and they went but when max was going to he said he was going to do something mean and i told him not to . ig he did anyways .

Me: mmk . well i dont think it was very funny .

Aidan: okay . i think it was funny to them cause we had broken up and they thought it would be awkward .

Me: alright but you laughed . and then we come over and you go all silent . i really didnt find it funny . it was stupid and childish .

Aidan: youre right . i laughed cause everyone else did . sorry, i wasnt trying to be mean .

Me: so you follow dont lead ? mmk ..thts cool too . i told you id be your friends and you do tht .

Aidan: emily . please dont be mad at me . god why do i always screw up .

Me: i was never mad . i just thought it was childish . i do wanna know ..whose idea was it ? the truth .

Aidan: it was mine but mck said a couple days before to do something like that .

Me: who wouldve EVER guessed it was mckenzie . r u just always gunna let her boss you around ?

Aidan: no . emily just stay away from me . im a hypocrytical screw up who cant do anything right . god i just dont know if anythings true anymore .

Me: you think i do !? at this point i have one true friend . cause after todays events im not sure anyone sitting at that table was ever a friend .

Aidan: emily please . i wanna be your friend . i just cant think things through before i do stuff . idk why . its hard for me . god, i swear im mentally retarded .

Me: no one ever said i was mad or anything . and no stop saying shit like tht all the time . but right now, im just trynna figure out my life and who i am and i needa take it one step at a time . and when ppl do things like tht to me, it makes my life 10% harder .

Aidan: it just seems like everybodys life would be better without me .

Me: stop sayin shit like tht .

Adian: ok . sorry .

Me: mmk .

Aidan: hey, sorry . i let popularity get to my head .

Me: mmk ..i gtg .

So then, this morning Zach asked me for a sweetart and i said no and he was like i wont do what i did again . and McKenzie goes you guys just went and sat over there all awkwardly .

I WANTED TO GO OFF ! i dont know why i didnt . in my head i was like 'bitch it was your idea . dont go blaming Zach, Aidan, and Max to save your ass .'

The only reason it was funny is cause they thought we were mad . i wasnt i just thought it was stupid . So did Jade .

im just like whatever . but this is really long and it prolly bored you all . so imma go .
love yall . <3
bye .
em . <3

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