2001-03-05 22:34:26 (UTC)

Whoa, this is weird..."Outside"..

Whoa, this is weird..."Outside" started playing *just* as I
finished the last entery...I had *no* idea that was going
to happen. That's freaky.

Anyway here's the missing entery from a few days ago. I
wrote it Saturday, I think.

Five days until I go to Europe....and I still have lots to
do. I need to pack, get organized, do laundry, figure out
my schedule, and study. *sigh* busy few days ahead of me I
predict. Oh well, I hope it's worth it. But man, I'll be
poor after the 10 day trip.

On a lighter note, I have an incredible urge to see "Lady
and the Tramp" again. Not the Lady and the Tramp II, but
the 1955 original. I think the movie is really really
sweet. I love that movie, maybe I'll try and see it tonight
or something. Or *maybe* I'm just a hopeless romantic at
heart...You descid. Either way here's the Official Disney
site for the movie:

Sorry I can't link it directly, but it seems that my- doesn't publish HTML codes. bah.

Thats it.